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Live: Schedule: Monday - Friday 

Xen #Crypto Talk Podcast: 

8:11 am New York Central: 7:11 am Mountain: 6:11 am Mountain Std: 5:11 am Pacific: 5:11 am London: 1:11 pm Zürich: 2:11pm Beijing: 8:11 pm Melbourne: 11:11 pm 

The Daily Thoth Radio 

We are now broadcasting live on X spaces! Join us in real-time as we explore the latest in technology, finance, and cryptocurrency. Get involved, share your thoughts, and be part of a dynamic conversation as we delve into the topics that matter most to the digital age. Don't miss out – we're live and waiting for you!  


💈  Xen @ da Barbershop with host Rome

🎤  Xen Bro's TA Show  with host CryptodudeMX  

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